Chiskillaykim taytay! (hello in Quechua),

We are a group of students in Grades 10 and 11 who are making an international aid trip to the remote village of Quilla Huata in the Cusco region of Peru this coming June. Our goal is to raise enough money to fund the construction of a classroom using traditional techniques. We have set a fundraising target of $15,000. Any funds that exceed this target will be used to purchase various supplies for the village including school supplies, medical supplies, sports equipment, tools and clothing.

We will be working with “Peru’s Challenge”, a Non-Governmental Organization that assists communities in the Cusco region of Peru. Since “Peru’s Challenge” is a local organization, it has close ties with the local villages. This relationship helps us focus our energy on fulfilling Miski Uno’s particular needs. Additionally, the organization’s rapport with the village allows us to work side by side with the villagers to improve their community. Overall, this environment facilitates a meaningful cultural exchange and promotes a sustainable charity model. However, while “Peru’s Challenge” is our organizer, all the donations will go to support the village of Miski Uno. To find out more about "Peru's Challenge", please visit www.peruschallenge.com

Those who live in the village of Miski Uno are a motivated and hopeful group of people who seek a better standard of living. Currently, they live in a society where poverty and malnutrition are widespread and a proper education is incredibly difficult to pursue. These difficulties are compounded by small incomes and a perpetual struggle to maintain their traditional way of life in the Andes. We feel that our intiative to build a greenhouse in the Peruvian village of Miski Uno will aid in the villagers' undernourishment: a greenhouse will provide the ability to grow a wider variety of produce. This project provides a rare opportunity for St. George’s students to expand their global perspective while providing the people of Miski Uno the means for a better education, a solution to malnourishment and an ability to lead more sustainable lives.

The money being donated is being used strictly to the benefit of the village; we are paying for our own travel and supplies. With this in mind, we respectfully ask for your support in order to help the village of Miski Uno.

Thank you for your time and consideration,

Peru Trip Students 2015

To find out more about the trip and our organizers you can visit http://www.peruschallenge.com

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